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In the midst in the flourishing Maremman countryside, the twenty-five hectare organic farm estate has been run by the same family for four generations: one part is cultivated with olives, vines, vegetables and orchards. Organic farming works in harmony with nature. All these ingredients are cooked in our restaurant with the handed-down experience of owner Floriana. We also grow spelt, wheat, barley, fodder which serves as healthy feed for our animals: hens, rabbits, sheep, pigs, small donkeys, goats, ducks and geese.

The wheat and spelt are stoneground on the estate’s mill to produce home-made pasta and Tuscan bread, baked in our wood-fired oven. Sheep milk is made into ‘pecorino’ cheese which we serve to guests with home-made honey and jams. We use our eggs to make our own fresh pasta and delicious pastries for breakfast and snacks. All kinds of vegetables are grown in our garden and eaten fresh in the summer months and bottled for the winter. The family is always available to talk about the history of the countryside and help explore the surrounding countryside’s nature and history.


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